Frequently Asked Question

At Budget U Pull It, we want to make pulling parts as simple, and hassle free as possible. Below are some frequently asked questions. If your question isn’t listed below, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service team on 407-656-4707.

What if I need to lift a extra heavy item?

We have large portable A-Frames with chain hoists (1000lb. max) and 4 wheel carts to carry large heavy parts to the front.

Will you be able to tell me if the specific used part I need is on site?

We do not maintain a per part inventory, but we will be able to tell you the number of specified vehicles currently in our yard and a date of arrival.

What tools should I bring?

We provide free three wheel buggies for your use, but you must bring all tools needed to accomplish the job.

Will you pick up my junk car?

Yes, you can bring it in, or we can pick it up for you. We buy a large number of vehicles “off the street” and would welcome the opportunity to help remove the car .

Do I need the title to the vehicle to sell it?

A title is preferred, but if you can’t locate it, we can still purchase your vehicle by having you fill out a derelict motor vehicle certificate form that we will provide.

Is use of a cutting torch allowed?

No fire of any kind is permitted on the premises including use of propane bottles. As an alternative, use of a battery or gasoline powered cut-off saw is permitted.

Are scissor jacks permitted in the yard?

No, scissor jacks and bumper jacks are prohibited for safety reasons.

Is it possible to take in a part to match up?

Be aware that our policy requires that all parts, whether yours or ours, exiting our yard will be considered chargeable unless disclosed and noted at entry.

What happens if the part does not work or fit properly?

We offer a 30 day store credit refund policy on most parts. We will either exchange your part or give you store credit if the part does not work or fit properly

Why do you take all fluids out of the cars?

For the safety of our customers and to protect the environment, we reuse, resell or recycle all fluids, CFC’s, batteries and mercury switches. Our concern for safety is unparalleled in the industry and our dedication to preserving the environment is one of the hallmarks of our company.

Why do you charge a small entrance fee?

Our minimal fees help to offset expenses so that we can maintain our low prices .

What is a CORE charge and why do some parts have them?

CORE stands for Cash on Receipt of Exchange. To insure that as many parts get recycled as possible, a CORE charge is added to the purchase price of some parts. The CORE charge is refunded if your original part is returned to us within an allotted time frame.

Can I expect to find high-quality parts?

Most of the parts at Budget U Pull It are the original equipment(OEM) the manufacturer installed when the car was built.